Ralf Schoofs

Ralf Schoofs

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First Name * Ralf
Last Name * Schoofs
Username * ralf-schoofs
Country * Germany
City Moers
Nationality German
Languages German


Preferred Tools PhotoshopGIMPBryceLightwave 3D


Availability: Freelance
Website www.ralf-schoofs.de
Twitter @spaceartist


In the early 1970s, when I was about 7 years old, TV broadcasts of lunar landings aroused my interest in space flight in general and fantasy in particular. Books and films of the sf-genre led me to painting because I wanted to own pictures of spacecrafts and aliens myself !

In 1988, when I spent my holidays in the Alpes, I discovered my interest in astronomy. Soon I obtained a telescope and my hobby started to have a serious influence on my paintings. The landscapes that I paint must be arranged in a way as if they were seen from a lunar shuttle.

The way I arrange objects in the context, the design of perspective and finally the surface structures of alien planetary landscapes themselves must allow the spectator to plunge into these utopian worlds.

One very important aspect when creating a painting is to make use of different tools and methods to illustrate different surfaces. The airbrush itself is no universal tool and going beyond its actual purpose may lead to disappointing results rather quickly.

Ralf Schoofs


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